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Children's Rights / Hawlau’r Plentyn

Birchgrove Comprehensive School is a Rights Respecting School.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is embedded into everything we do in school.

This can range from the clubs and extra curricular activities we have to uphold Article 31 (The Right to relax and play and take part in sports, arts, music and drama) to the water dispensers, bins and healthy food available in the school upholding Article 24 (The Right to clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment).

The school currently have a Rights Respecting team who encourage other Children to learn about the UNCRC and work as student ambassadors with the Children's Commission for Wales to promote Children's Rights. The group have achieved a Level 1 Rights Respecting Schools award and attend regular events in Swansea to discuss current issues that effect young people.

We are very proud that pupils in Birchgrove Comprehensive School were part of the design team who created the new Secondary "Know Your Rights" posters created by the Children's Commission for Wales. The Rights respecting team have also met Sally Holland, the Children's Commissioner for Wales and were part of a national web chat to talk about the importance of the UNCRC and to talk about any problems they may face in and out of school.