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Our curriculum incorporates Careers and Work-Related Experiences (CWRE) as a cross-cutting theme for all of our learners. We aim to support all learners to make progress in their knowledge, skills and experiences in readiness for the world of work.

CWRE is managed by our Careers Coordinator supported by our Careers Team and multiple agencies, including Careers Wales. We are currently taking part in the                                                                                   Careers Wales Quality Award pilot, along with 37 other                                                                         schools in Wales. It will support the development of                                                                               purposeful and relevant CWRE across the curriculum.  A                                                                       link to our CWRE Policy can be found here and further                                                                           information from Careers Wales can be found below. 

Careers Adviser at Birchgrove Comprehensive School 

Rhys Davies is a Registered Career Development                    Professional who works for Careers Wales.  He is based in the well being zone on the first floor (office next to the DT Textiles room).  Careers Wales provides impartial careers information and support for pupils making education or employment decisions.  Rhys supports pupils to develop the career management            competencies necessary to make effective career                                                                                  decisions throughout their lives. 

Mr Rhys Davies RCDP


Careers Wales Website

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