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Lottie becomes a published Author!

As a school we love to share in the success of all our pupils no matter what their achievements, if we get to find out about it, we like to ensure that you do too! 

We would like to share some thrilling news that we have received as a school about one of our Year 8 pupils! Lottie is about to have a book published and has just received a sample copy of a book she wrote when she was just 10 years old! We have shared photographs and news of Lottie on our social media previously as she is a keen (and successful) swimmer, but today it's all about her road to success as a published author!

At just ten years of age Lottie was given a school project and decided to write a book with her little brother in mind!  (who we have been reliably informed absolutely loves a mention, so hello Tom 😀). Lottie beautifully dedicates this book to Tom at the start of the book with a fitting thanks for their support to her wonderful family in the back (because they always have hers!)

Lottie's book is due to be released on June 29th. We hope she enjoys every success with it and who knows, maybe it will inspire her to write a second book, if she can find the time!




Lottie with the sample copy of her book