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Birchgrove Bake-off with Beard

Former pupil Adam Beard surprised pupils within the special teaching facility at his former School today. 

Adam turned up at Birchgrove Comprehensive in Swansea today (12/12/2022)  and was equally surprised to find out he would be joining the pupils in making a chocolate log in a bake-off style competition.  

He was challenged by the cookery teacher Mrs Kay Lee to make his own traditional yule log from scratch, to which he commented “I think I’ve been tucked up here” but showed true sportsmanship and got stuck right in (after he was shown how to use an electric whisk!).  While waiting for his Swiss roll to bake he went around the pupils and helped them decorate their yule logs, before posing for some photographs and later on signed them. The oven timer went off, so it was time to remove the Swiss roll.  Much to everyone's delight, the mixture was almost identical to Mrs Lee's which meant Adam must've done something right! He went on to decorate and turned his Swiss roll into a very appetising looking chocolate log which he later took home for his wife and sons.

Adam wasn't doing this as part of his Ospreys duty, it was actually his day off.  He came in the morning after playing in a European Cup match the night before when he could've been resting his no doubt weary body.  Adam made lots of people's (both pupils and staff) day just giving them a minute or two of his and he made sure to give anyone who wanted a minute of his time (or a photo) got it!

Diolch Adam Beard former pupil of Birchgrove Comprehensive School