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Congratulations to all pupils in the Year 11 class of 2019. GCSE results awarded to pupils this August represent the best outcomes ever achieved at Birchgrove Comprehensive. Throughout the two years of the GCSEs, pupils focus and drive for success, always willing to put in the additional time and effort to improve performance was duly rewarded with excellent individual results and also headline outcomes for the school.

Over 50% of pupils achieved Level 2 including an English and Mathematics qualification (5A*-C with English and Maths), 97% of students left with five or more GCSEs, no pupils left school without any qualifications and the average grade achieved by all students in their best nine GCSE subjects was above a C grade.

Particularly pleasing for the school was the performance of pupils supported by our two Specialist Teaching Facilities (STFs) and the success of the relatively large number of students who joined the year group during Year 10 or at the beginning of Year 11. These pupils quickly settled in to Birchgrove and bought in to the inclusive school vision of always pushing for their individual best, all these pupils left with good GCSE grades and secured places at local colleges. Boys and girls both performed well and achieved excellent results matching each other’s achievements in all subject areas.

The number of pupils achieving 5 or more A* or A grades rose considerably with 13% of learners achieving this challenging target.  In addition, more, able and talented pupils, (MAT) benefited from an enriched curriculum where qualifications in GCSE Finance (35 pupils gaining A* or A grades) and Additional Mathematics added considerably to pupils’ outcomes complimenting traditional GCSE subject successes.

As a school, we wish to congratulate pupils for their hard work and parents/carers for providing the support to pupils that allowed the Year 11 class of 2019 to flourish and achieve their best possible outcomes. As a school we strive to balance academic achievement with a truly inclusive culture that celebrates all pupil achievements. The GCSE examination results 2019 indicate that with the careful provision and the right mix of GCSE and vocational courses all our pupils can achieve excellent results.

At Birchgrove, we feel it is equally important to celebrate our pupils who achieved excellent vocational qualifications; the average grade achieved in these qualifications being a grade B equivalent at GCSE. Enhancement courses offered to students this year certainly motivated our pupils and thanks to the hard work of the Maths Department 52 of our pupils gained a GCSE in Finance. Significantly, 35 of these pupils achieved an A or A*. As we celebrate with pride and wish our class of 2019 the very best as they pursue A Level subjects, apprenticeships and employment our attention now turns to Year 7 to 11 as they settle in to the academic year after the summer break. Pupils throughout the school are motivated and determined to do well in their education. We are proud of them all and look forward to working with them all in the year ahead to ensure they secure excellent results that will match or even surpass those achieved in 2019.