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Anniversary of UNCRC

This week, representatives from our local primary schools were invited to take part in workshops created by Birchgrove Comprehensive Schools Rights Respecting team. This was to celebrate the anniversary of the UNCRC, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The pupils all wore blue for International Children's Day and completed some fantastic tasks created by the Rights Respecting pupils.

The tasks included: 

  • Rights Chatterboxes by Katie and Chloe (Y10 STF) 
  • Article Pebble Painting by Shae and Nadine (Y9) 
  • A 'Know Your Rights' card sort by Hollie ( Y7)
  • Gingerbread Rights Mascots with Ethan (Y7) 
  • Story-telling with Zoe (Y11) 
  • A great ball game to collect articles by Aimee, Cory and Ty (Y8).

The activities were created and led by the pupils making it a really fun morning.

The pupils were then treated to a wonderful healthy buffet in the main hall. A great day had by all!